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Sometime in 1771, Captain William McMechen and his wife, Sidney Johnson McMechen, came and settled upon a vast tract of land along the Ohio River where Benwood and McMechen now stand. It was due to their son, Benjamin, for whom our town is named. Benjamin inherited several hundred acres of his father's estate and it was upon this land "Ben's Woods" that he built his homestead and farm.
Reference books indicate that this land was once occupied by Shawnee and Delaware Tribes and the Mingo branch of the Iroquois Indians.
Throughout the beginning of the industrial boom, many manufacturing companies and rail services began to spring up at an alarming rate. The beginning of Midwestern railroad development reached Benwood in 1852 when the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad finally decided to bridge the Ohio at Benwood. Shortly after 1882, Benwood began to experience a remarkable change. Industrial development had brought in the largest steel mills, thousands of workers and their families came to live within this great industrial town of its time.
Benwood was incorporated on February 22, 1895, by Acts of the West Virginia Legislature.
Benwood is a Class IV city. Elections are held every two years on the second Tuesday in May. Officials take office on July first.

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Benwood, WV 26031

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