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First Communion at Saint John's Pictured Above

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Welcome to the City of Benwood's News Page. Visit this page for events happening in your city. Click on the link below to read more about the event. Check back to see what's new.


Declaration of State of Emergency and Existence of Catastrophic Health Emergency COVID-19  

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Veterans Day 2017

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Benwood Law Enforcement Ceremony

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City Building Renewal

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Zelic Retirement

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City Offices Trick or Treat

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Benwood Pool

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AES Drilling Fluids

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The Benwood Crowd 2012

The Benwood Crowd Gathering

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Johnson Boiler

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Nardone Chiropractic, Benwood, WV

Coal Beltline

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Bellaire Bridge

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Benwood Boggs Run Sidewalk Project

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Annual Benwood Children's Christmas Party 2014

Annual Benwood Children's Christmas Party 2013

Annual Benwood Children's Christmas Party 2012

Annual Benwood Children's Christmas Party-2011

Annual Benwood Children's Christmas Party-2010

Annual Benwood Children's Christmas Party-2009

Berisford’s family and friends

Special Tribute Given to Slain Benwood Soldier

Congratulations to Andrea Turner, Miss West Virginia Teen USA and the second runner-up in the Miss Teen USA 2005 pageant!

Click on this link to learn more about Andrea



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