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Building Inspection Information
430 Main Street
Benwood, WV 26031
Phone: 304-232-4320
Fax: 304-232-3393
Planning and Zoning Ordinances

Permits and Licenses

  • A building permit is required for any job including materials and labor.

  • A City Contractor's license is required for any job which includes any pay.

  • A State Contractor's license is required for any job over $2500. This also includes all amounts for the total job.

  • All subcontractors must have a state contractor's license also.

  • A Business Registration Certificate is required for all contractors no matter what the amount of the job is.

  • B&O taxes for out-of-state must be paid before any permits are issued or must post surety bond.

  • The general contractor pays the B&O tax on the total cost of the contract.

  • Each subcontractor must pay B&O on his portion of the contract and permit fee.

  • Any work hired must be performed by a state licensed electrician.

  • New construction (residential, modular, trailers) require plot, detailed prints, and building permits.

  • 24 hour minimum notice for electrical inspection.

Building Permit Application

Building Permit Fees

Business License Application

Business Occupation Form

License Renewal Form


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